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Relaxation Massage 

A soothing, relaxing massage that works gently on your muscles.


Remedial/Therapeutic Massage

Treats those pesky knots and muscles tension. The treatment may involve deep tissue pressure for a short period of time.

Deep Tissue/SportsMassage

Deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.

Aroma Massage. My Massage in Monaco, Nelson, offers you Massage Therapy Treatments only with the best natural essential oils


Most of us suffer at some time from pain resulting from muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back (between the shoulder blades).  As these muscles become tight or contracted they can press on nerves and restrict blood flow, resulting in pain, headaches, limiting the range of movement and cause tingling, and numbness to the arms and hands.

Sometimes we can feel 'knots' within our muscles. Areas within muscles that have been continually constricted can eventuate into muscle spasm causing the muscle to knot.

There are many reasons why we get knots in our muscles.  We often unawarely tighten our muscles when we are stressed, long periods of sitting in front of a computer and poor postural positions to name a few. Fortunately this can be treated with massage therapy.  I particularly enjoy working in this area and have been told by many that it is the best massage they have ever had.

Gift Vouchers

Give someone you care about a real treat.  We all need some time out for ourselves, time to relax and be pampered. To arrange a Gift Voucher for that special person simply contact me. Tel. 03 5477087 Cell. 0210487993 Email.

Aroma massage gift vouchers now available. Give someone you care about a real treat. Suzanne de Pina, Monaco, Nelson